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17 - My new Kickstarter project is live! So why am I so nervous? by Paul Solt

I’m launching a new Kickstarter project that’s been on my mind for the past six months. Find out why I’m using Kickstarter . . . and why I’m so nervous . . .

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  1. New Kickstarter project
    1. Super Easy iPhone Apps
      1. Swift 2, iOS 9, Xcode 7
      2. Course Series
      3. Help you learn faster
      4. Reduce friction and frustration
      5. Live/recorded Q&A sessions
  2. Why am I nervous?
    1. Will people like it?
    2. Will people support it?
    3. Will I reach my goal?
      1. 69% funded on October 7th 6pm…
  3. Project page: Super Easy iPhone Apps

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