11 - App Store Opportunities in the Food & Drink Category by Paul Solt

Food & Drink iPhone App Store Category

There is room for innovation within the Food & Drink category on the App Store. Free apps are dominated by big brands with marketing dollars that you can’t compete with – but paid apps are mostly useful apps and recipes.

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Food & Drink Case Studies

People like these apps and they continue to buy them – take a look at some of the hot apps within the Food & Drink category for the US App Store. I believe there’s a lot of room for new apps that have better design, UX, and do things that are clunky right now.

1. KoHi - Pour Over Coffee Brewing

Coffee brewing app for all types of pour over coffee (Chemex, Hario V60, French Press, Clever, etc.)

$2.99 (37 ratings – 4.5 stars)
No in-app purchases

US App Store (April 21st 2015)

  • Top Paid App: #69

  • Top Grossing App: #80

2. AeroPress Timer: For Aerobie’s AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Coffee brewing app designed for the AeroPress brewer device – more narrowly focused than KoHi.

$2.99 (150 ratings - 4 stars)
In-app purchases

  • Championship Pack: $0.99
  • Roaster Pack: $1.99

US App Store (April 21st 2015)

  • Top Paid iPhone app: #12
  • Top Grossing iPhone app: #23
  • 20,000+ downloads (developer stated in App Store description)

3. TieredCaker

Very niche app for people who make money selling cakes! The app helps estimate costs and visualizes what a 3 layer cake looks like that can serve 120 people at a wedding.

$19.99 (47 ratings - 4 stars)
No in-app purchases

US App Store (April 21st 2015)

  • Top Paid iPhone app: #73
  • Top Grossing iPhone app: #16

Paul’s Food & Drink App Recommendations

  1. Use in-app purchases and charge a price (premium features)
  2. Free Food & Drink flooded with big brands (paid is not!)
  3. Charge more for your food app
  4. Research the competition in iTunes (Mac) or before you write code, hire a designer, or make a website

Food & Drink App Ideas

I believe there is room for innovation. All the food and drink apps are pretty lame. The current app ideas I have below have poor UI, UX, and lack features. Just read the reviews and feedback to understand what customers really want. Then make that app!

  1. Make a unit converter for the kitchen
  2. Make a recipe scaler that can go up/down in servings
  3. Recipe app with OCR (optical character recognition) 
    1. Ideas: BigOven, Amazon's Mechanical Turk 
    2. Provide great recipe layout/input with video, photo, text, steps, tips.


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