12 - How to Kickstarter with SilverAir Sock and Oops Tees by Paul Solt

Running a successful Kickstarter project is a lot of work. Let’s look at an active project that’s currently 455% funded and approaching $200,000. Learn about the things that Y Athletics is doing right and how you can use their approach to run your own Kickstarter project. I’ll also talk about a great project, Oops Tees, that’s not doing as well as it should be doing. 

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Great Kickstarter project - SilverAir Sock

SilverAir Sock - Odorless Socks Made With Pure Silver

  • 455% funded ($159,575)
  • 22 days to go (47 days)
  • $35,000 goal

Reward analysis

  • $16 socks (~$23 retail)
  • Simple pricing ($16, $48, $90)
  • Top 3 rewards (Single, Triple, Combo)

Other comments

  • Great video
  • Great pacing on the read
  • Good music (a bit loud at times)
  • Lots of great video (B-roll) with great animations
  • User testimonial with 2 week trial and 57 day shirt (prior kickstarter)
  • Pricing could be more simple and easy for customer to calculate (is it $18 or $16 for socks?) 

Use for research

Previous successful project - SilverAir Athletic Shirts

Reward analysis

  • $34 t-shirt ($54 retail)
  • Simple pricing ($34, $64, $90)
  • Top 3 rewards (Single, Double, Triple)

Underperforming Kickstarter Project - Oops Tees

Oops Tees 

  • 43% funded  ($2,630)
  • 7 days to go (30 days)
  • $6,000 goal

Reward analysis

  • $35 t-shirt
  • Simple pricing (hidden from too many rewards)
  • Top 3 rewards (1, 2, 3) for research

Project Analysis

  • New video is required to get this project going (audio/video quality were excellent)
  • Video is too slow and not enough focus on the funny products (don't educate me on how to talk about the t-shirt – it's clever... I get that part)
  • Doesn’t connect to customer (all about Steve/Jeff)
  • T-shirts aren’t funny enough (Hay their! is great … others not so much)
  • Pricing is good, but hidden
  • Too much focus on stickers for a t-shirt project
  • Newest design and update provided great lift (better design … does it infringe?)
  • Not wearing a shirt was too long… could have been a bit faster to get the point across – probably makes people stop watching
  • Video is too long (3 minutes – should be 1 minute)
  • Too many t-shirts reward options (try: 1, 2, 3, 6)
  • No one wants Oops logo (good logo, but not selling point – no brand reputation ... yet)
  • Highest tier is 1 shirt, 2 shirt, and 3 shirts
  • Better designs would help this project (they need to connect with a bigger audience)