18 – 141% Funded on Kickstarter . . . And Here’s How I Did It by Paul Solt

At the beginning of October, I launched a new Kickstarter project, and it’s now officially funded with over 172 backers. I also have a few unannounced stretch goals that I think are going to push it even higher.

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  1. Super Easy iPhone Apps
    1. Project page: Back it today!
  2. Why was I worried?
  3. Stretch goals
    1. Captions
    2. Live Community
      1. Q&As
      2. Live Chat
    3. 1-on-1 Lessons

Questions about Kickstarter? 

17 - My new Kickstarter project is live! So why am I so nervous? by Paul Solt

I’m launching a new Kickstarter project that’s been on my mind for the past six months. Find out why I’m using Kickstarter . . . and why I’m so nervous . . .

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  1. New Kickstarter project
    1. Super Easy iPhone Apps
      1. Swift 2, iOS 9, Xcode 7
      2. Course Series
      3. Help you learn faster
      4. Reduce friction and frustration
      5. Live/recorded Q&A sessions
  2. Why am I nervous?
    1. Will people like it?
    2. Will people support it?
    3. Will I reach my goal?
      1. 69% funded on October 7th 6pm…
  3. Project page: Super Easy iPhone Apps

Questions about Kickstarter? 

12 - How to Kickstarter with SilverAir Sock and Oops Tees by Paul Solt

Running a successful Kickstarter project is a lot of work. Let’s look at an active project that’s currently 455% funded and approaching $200,000. Learn about the things that Y Athletics is doing right and how you can use their approach to run your own Kickstarter project. I’ll also talk about a great project, Oops Tees, that’s not doing as well as it should be doing. 

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Great Kickstarter project - SilverAir Sock

SilverAir Sock - Odorless Socks Made With Pure Silver

  • 455% funded ($159,575)
  • 22 days to go (47 days)
  • $35,000 goal

Reward analysis

  • $16 socks (~$23 retail)
  • Simple pricing ($16, $48, $90)
  • Top 3 rewards (Single, Triple, Combo)

Other comments

  • Great video
  • Great pacing on the read
  • Good music (a bit loud at times)
  • Lots of great video (B-roll) with great animations
  • User testimonial with 2 week trial and 57 day shirt (prior kickstarter)
  • Pricing could be more simple and easy for customer to calculate (is it $18 or $16 for socks?) 

Use for research

Previous successful project - SilverAir Athletic Shirts

Reward analysis

  • $34 t-shirt ($54 retail)
  • Simple pricing ($34, $64, $90)
  • Top 3 rewards (Single, Double, Triple)

Underperforming Kickstarter Project - Oops Tees

Oops Tees 

  • 43% funded  ($2,630)
  • 7 days to go (30 days)
  • $6,000 goal

Reward analysis

  • $35 t-shirt
  • Simple pricing (hidden from too many rewards)
  • Top 3 rewards (1, 2, 3) for research

Project Analysis

  • New video is required to get this project going (audio/video quality were excellent)
  • Video is too slow and not enough focus on the funny products (don't educate me on how to talk about the t-shirt – it's clever... I get that part)
  • Doesn’t connect to customer (all about Steve/Jeff)
  • T-shirts aren’t funny enough (Hay their! is great … others not so much)
  • Pricing is good, but hidden
  • Too much focus on stickers for a t-shirt project
  • Newest design and update provided great lift (better design … does it infringe?)
  • Not wearing a shirt was too long… could have been a bit faster to get the point across – probably makes people stop watching
  • Video is too long (3 minutes – should be 1 minute)
  • Too many t-shirts reward options (try: 1, 2, 3, 6)
  • No one wants Oops logo (good logo, but not selling point – no brand reputation ... yet)
  • Highest tier is 1 shirt, 2 shirt, and 3 shirts
  • Better designs would help this project (they need to connect with a bigger audience)

5 - Highball iPhone app from Studio Neat, solo founders, beta testing, and personal brand by Paul Solt

Make the perfect craft cocktail using Highball on iPhone and get answers to questions about solo founders, beta testing, personal branding, and Kickstarter.

Amazing Cocktail iPhone App - Studio Neat

Highball - Studio Neat

  • Cocktail recipe maker and sharer
  • Quick proportions
  • Apple Pay + In-app purchases
  • Great visual design
  • Amazing QR code integration

Highball YouTube Video Review (12 min)

I dig into what makes this app great – especially the user on-boarding and the ability to buy something with Apple Pay or leave a tip with In-app purchases. This is what you need to be doing in your iPhone apps!

Studio Neat is killing it with product design and funding through Kickstarter projects.

Questions and Topics


What is your feeling on founder teams vs. solo developers?
How long should you beta test before releasing an app? How many people should test your app?

David S. - @dsteuber

I'm very much interested in improving my social presence so I can sell apps as they are submitted and get views on my website.


Wants to learn how to finance his app that is almost complete on Kickstarter. Pushing past the finish line.

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