14 - WWDC 2015 Highlights for OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 / by Paul Solt

Apple made a ton of announcements at WWDC 2015 for Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Learn about the biggest takeaways from the event with iPad multitasking, smarter spotlight and Apple Music

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OS X El Capitan

  • Big update that unifies the development environment with iOS.
  • Easier to write code that can run on both iOS and Mac with El Capitan
  • Xcode 7
  • 1 Developer account membership for all platforms (unified)

6 Mac Highlights

  1. Swipe gestures from iOS on Mac (gesture recognizers for trackpad!)
  2. Spotlight is smarter – makes finding your resources easier with natural language processing
  3. Better windows management – hopefully simulator + full screen Xcode (haven’t tested)
  4. Easier to move windows to different desktop spaces (great for small screens)
  5. Improved performance with app launching and multi-tasking (faster animations?)
  6. Metal for Mac games - removes legacy single threaded constraints of the graphics pipeline on the CPU
    1. 50% improvement in Core Graphics + Core Animation on Mac (big!)
    2. 10x faster draw call (maybe Mac games can finally keep up with Windows)

iOS 9

83% users installed iOS 8 (you can target latest iOS version for your app + write less code)


  • Extending battery life (low power mode)
  • Developer tools to help diagnose battery hogs
  • Faster performance using Metal


  • Siri improvements (faster + more accurate) … we’ll see 
  • More natural language + easy access to different sets of data (photos from Utah last year)
  • Deeper search integration into apps (i.e. reference related apps)
  • Anonymous – not sending unique data to Apple, respecting your privacy unlike Google or Facebook who sell your data


  • Apple Pay UK
  • Wallet
  • Notes
  • Maps Transit
  • News app
  • QuickType bar


New multi-tasking on iPad

  • Newest features only on iPad Air 2
    • PiP video
    • Split view (2 apps at once)
  • Task switcher
  • Developer APIs support multi-tasking (Auto Layout + Size classes)

Apple Music

  • Stream all of Apple’s music catalog for $9.99/month or $14.99/month for families
  • 24/7 radio station (not supported by industry)
  • Better curated playlists (not just algorithmic)

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