4 - The $20 coffee iPhone app that you didn't know you needed / by Paul Solt

Coffee Pour Pacer for iPhone and Apple Watch - third wave coffee

Background video: Speed brewing 6 cup Chemex Youtube

I'm going to be teaching you the thought process for creating an app that can solve a problem – something that you can sell on the App Store for $20. I've been using this app called "Chemex Brewer" for the past 2 years gathering data and trying to figure out what features were important.

It started bare bones and I refused to add features until I fully understood the problem and the coffee domain. Now I want to give myself 1 month to get a version 1 on the App Store and potentially the Apple Watch (if the timing works out).

The goal for this app is to make something that my mother (or stubborn father) could use to improve their morning cup of coffee. I have been studying how to brew coffee after I discovered that brewing Chemex was a little more technical (and scientific) than I thought it was. It turned out I was brewing coffee wrong for over 1 year in my Chemex.

With app development skills in hand I made a simple prototype that helped me brew coffee better – now I want to publish it on the App Store so that my mother and father can use it.

Passion drives app ideas not money

While I do believe that this app has the potential to make millions of dollars – it's not just the direct app sales. It's the bigger picture that you need to start to think about.

I think that money can be an enabler to focus on creative projects, but it should not be the motivator. Solving problems is my motivation and the iPhone app programming skills allow me to create something that can be used world wide.

Third wave coffee brewing - Pour over (Chemex, Clever, Hario V60)

I believe this is a million dollar app idea. It’s a vertical where people spend tons of money.

Statistic Brain - Coffee Drinking Statistics 

  • $18 billion/annually on coffee in U.S.
  • 34% of 100 million coffee drinkers go to premium places (34 million)

Coffee shops and mentions

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