3 - How to jumpstart your creativity and why Facebook is doing it wrong / by Paul Solt

Creativity requires constraints

Creativity thrives in a constraint driven world. You have limited time, money, talent (people), and access or hardware limitations. Within these constraints you can make an app or a product – you have to be creative to work within your limitations.

1. Time (time is the resource that never refills)
2. Money (how much money you have to invest in your ideas)
3. People (talent, skills, manpower, etc)
4. Access (API limitations, hardware limitations, etc)

Apps mentioned

1. Riff - Facebook's new video stitching Vine type app (not to be confused with Rift)

Riff is littered with poor UX choices and a lack of intent when trying to create a video and then work on a collaborative video.

The negative reviews provide a clear direction into what is wrong. It's made by the iOS group that's doing some amazing work – but this app just doesn't live up to the quality bar.

2. Google's PhotoVine (Slide acquired for $200 million and shutdown)

The Riff app reminds me of Google's PhotoVine app that was through an acquihire of Slide.

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