8 - Hands on experience with the 2015 Macbook 12” / by Paul Solt

Learn about Paul’s initial in-store impressions from the new Macbook 12” laptop. It has an all new design with only one usb 3 port (reversible) and is smaller and lighter than the 2014 Macbook Air.

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I ordered the 1.2Ghz Macbook 12” with 512gb flash at 3am – the 1.3Ghz was a 3 week shipping delay.

Initial Impressions

  1. Super light and well balanced
  2. I dig the single data port + audio jack – Apple pushes hardware into the future by removing unnecessary parts
  3. Magsafe 
  4. 29W - iPad adapter ($29)
  5. The screen is amazing – it’s bright and crisp
  6. The tap feedback anywhere on the trackpad is a welcomed change
  7. Performance was decent – exported a 1m10s video in Final Cut Pro, used Force Touch to fly through the QuickTime video (1x, 2x, 5x, 30x, 60x) – very responsive no frame drops (impressive!)
  8. The keyboard keys travel less (butterfly design) and are different to type on (much less force)
  9. I typed 69 words per minute on both Macbook 12” keyboard (14 mistakes) and Bluetooth Apple White Keyboard (7 mistakes) http://www.typeonline.co.uk/typingspeed.php I was more pressured at the store, but I also felt more fatigued typing on my bluetooth keyboard during the test.
  10. It is a great laptop and impressive replacement for the Macbook Air.

Who should buy it

Get it if you surf the web, write papers, or watch movies. It’ll be amazing and fast enough for all your work.

Who should not buy it (as a primary machine)

I don’t think it’s a choice laptop for a video editor, but it can still work in a pinch. The Final Cut Pro project (1m10s) was a little laggy on side scrolling, but exporting was fast (1 minute 6 seconds for a 1m10s video)