1 - The Creative Person Podcast with Paul Solt / by Paul Solt

I'm Paul Solt – a creative person who likes to make things and learn. 

I didn't want to be a cog in the wheel of a big company (I worked at both Apple and Microsoft) – so I started my own company around 2011.

Welcome to the Creative Person Podcast with Paul Solt – where I take aspiring iPhone app developers and make them sellers on the App Store using Kickstarter and simple product design  

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The 1st season of the podcast (30 episodes) will run every Tuesday and Thursday. You’ll learn about all things Apple: iPhone, iPad, iOS Apps, Apple Watch, WatchKit, App Store, downloads, sales, revenue.

You’ll also learn about simple product design and how you can apply it to your own apps or ideas. You’ll see product reviews and critiques for what works well and what doesn’t work.

Want to improve your ergonomics? Listen to what standing desk, chair, and exercise I use to stay fit and healthy.

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